Open for the 2024 Season on Saturday, June 1st! Open Everyday 10am - 5pm in beautiful St Peter's Bay.

Inspired by an old fashioned General Store from Anne of Green Gable's time, Emily's artwork is sold alongside a curated collection of locally made goods and day-to-day essentials – MacAusland wool blankets, linen dresses, cotton nightgowns, pottery, jars of jam, knitted accessories, favourite books, wooden spoons, giant soaps and field cut flowers. Essentially, an array of beautiful items that Emily personally loves and that she feels represent the feeling of the East Coast. Each carefully crafted item elevates those small but meaningful, everyday moments. 

About the Artist

Emily’s artwork tells the story of bygone beach days, bathing beauties and the bounty of wildflowers that PEI offers us with each passing season. Her work tells stories of love, friendship and warm days spent by the ocean that are then woven together with vignettes of blossoming flowers, ripe fruit and willowing branches to evoke the nostalgia of the Maritime lifestyle. It was this lifestyle that drew Emily to moving to the east coast as she longed for a simple life in the country, where the natural beauty of this place provides you with a gentle reminder as to what is most important in this life. 

Along with being a shopkeeper and an artist, Emily also work as a librarian, so she sees her shop and this online space as a place to foster community, creativity and to share her story. Thanks for visiting and we hope that you have the opportunity to come to PEI to experience the beauty that exists here, both in the natural surroundings and the strong sense of the community that together transport you to another time entirely. 

Greetings from PEI 

Thank you for visiting.

My little shop in the Bay is a fulfillment of a dream to share my love of beauty, creativity and community in a place that I have loved since I was a young girl. The shop is just around the corner from the family cottage where we tracked in sand from those sunscreen coated, warm, beach days. It was those summers on Prince Edward Island that really shaped me. PEI is where I practiced my watercolour painting amongst the dunes looking out onto dotted fishermen’s wharfs and the ocean’s never ending horizon. It’s were we went for bike rides along the trail, where I whiled away a rainy afternoon reading a good book, prepared fresh seafood for family and friends alike, indulged in after dinner walks for ice cream and took in a full country sky of stars. It was here on PEI, where I learnt the true spirit of community and where I came into my own. I am so proud to get to call this place home.

I do hope that you get a chance to visit this charming island and experience this intrinsic quality for yourself.

Xo Freckles